Our Schools

Valor currently serves approximately 950 scholars at our two middle schools, Valor Flagship Academy and Valor Voyager Academy. We are excited to open Valor High School in the 2018-2019 academic year for our founding freshman class.

Our Model

Valor Collegiate Academies is modeled after some of the highest performing schools in the country, including Summit Preparatory Charter School in California, Uncommon Schools in New Jersey and New York City, and Denver School of Science and Technology in Colorado. Valor Founder and CEO Todd Dickson brings years of experience teaching and leading at Summit Preparatory Charter High School in Redwood City, CA, which was named one of the Top 10 high schools in the country in 2011 and featured in the documentary Waiting for Superman.

Valor aims to be among the top performing schools in the country, best known for its rich diversity, world-class development of educators, and ability to personalize education for each teacher and student through the exceptional use of data. To get there, Valor teachers receive over 5 times more professional development than at a typical school. Perhaps more importantly, Valor teachers and staff are joyful, driven, and committed to helping scholars (and each other) develop an intense zest for knowledge and personal growth.

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