Through a balance of academic rigor and social-emotional development, our teachers guide scholars to achievement in all subject areas, and toward living purposeful, inspired lives.

What We Offer

Commitment to Development

Valor coordinates Personalized Educator Plans for each teacher, and supports them as they grow into world-class educators during these nearly 500 hours of development time per year. This is 5-10 times more professional development than a typical school spends on developing great teachers.

Mentors for Scholars

Teachers participate as mentors in the Valor Collegiate Academies Mentor Program. Mentors coach scholars and families on developing a personalized learning plan, for both academic and non-academic progress, and serve as the main point of contact with the family regarding scholar successes and concerns.


In out founding academic year, Valor scholars excelled in all testing subjects, outperforming all Metro Nashville Public School 5th grades and 99% of schools in Tennessee. Their general academic growth shows overwhelming progress as high-achieving, well-rounded students in all fields of study.

Meet Our Teachers

Our faculty come from all backgrounds with varied interests and areas of expertise. However, their common passion for high-quality instruction, learning, and the futures of our scholars unite them as strong and effective leaders.