2016-2017 State Test Results

Top Achievement Scores

On the spring 2017 TNReady state test, Valor scholars achieved the highest overall scores of all non-academically selective middle schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools.  Our scholars’ scores were in the Top 3% of achievement scores in the state of Tennessee.

Overall Growth

Valor’s middle schools are in the Top 1% of schools in Tennessee for our growth scores.  Our schools were also the only two in Nashville to rank in the Top 5 for both growth AND achievement.

Inverting the Achievement Gap

Valor’s low-income scholars outperformed their middle and upper income peers in Nashville and the state of Tennessee, inverting the “achievement gap.”

See How We Achieve

A scholar’s academic growth comes from structured but personalized learning, and a commitment to showing valor in every class, every day. Visit our schools to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we guide our scholars toward big results.