News|August 30, 2016

(The 74) A New Nashville School Is Integrating its Students, Eliminating Suspensions — and Acing the State Tests

(Read original article here) Brandi Kellett, 38, was making dinner for her family at her home in a gentrifying neighborhood of Nashville known as 12South when she realized that her 12-year-old son, now a student at Valor Collegiate Academies, was finally getting the kind of education she had long dreamed about. When his younger brother […]

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News|January 6, 2016

Valor Collegiate Academy: Where Student Well-Being Fuels Academic Achievement

Source: Ed Surge Jack stood face-to-face with Sergio, surrounded by a circle of twenty other sixth grade boys. The room was thick with emotion as their teacher, Ms. McShea, thought to herself, “Uh oh, this may not go well.” But they weren’t there to fight. Jack asked Sergio to the center of the circle to […]

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News|February 16, 2015

Valor Collegiate Academies Plans $3M Expansion on Nolensville Pike

Valor Collegiate Academies has paid $1.4 million for property on Nolensville Pike, where it operates its first middle school with plans to spend another $3 million to double the size of the building.

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News|September 16, 2014

Nashville Charter School Makes Diversity a Central Goal

During a morning assembly at the recently-opened charter school Valor Collegiate Academy, a triangle of fifth-grade girls — one Asian, one Hispanic and one white — discussed how they could help improve their learning community. That sort of diversity in the classroom setting is a rare scene in schools across Tennessee and even rarer in the burgeoning charter sector where leaders have designed their curriculum and school culture to serve single-demographic populations.

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