Valor Collegiate Academy: Where Student Well-Being Fuels Academic Achievement


Source: Ed Surge

Jack stood face-to-face with Sergio, surrounded by a circle of twenty other sixth grade boys. The room was thick with emotion as their teacher, Ms. McShea, thought to herself, “Uh oh, this may not go well.”

But they weren’t there to fight. Jack asked Sergio to the center of the circle to work on their relationship. Sergio’s relentless fidgeting in class drove Jack crazy, and Jack was beside himself. The boys were agitated, but they followed a relationship work protocol—one that’s taught to every student at Valor Collegiate Academy in Nashville, TN. As the conversation became safe, Sergio shared that he struggled with an attention disorder, a disclosure that further softened their stances. Jack and Sergio soon began brainstorming relaxation and attention-building exercises that they could do together before classes so they could both feel more calm.

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