We exist to empower our diverse community to live inspired, purposeful lives.

Valor Collegiate Academies is a network of free, public college preparatory charter schools in South Nashville that serves a diverse population.


Sharp minds. Big hearts.

“We push our kids to be at the very top in terms of academics, but balancing that is having a big heart – kids need to learn kindness, empathy, and how to be part of a community.”

-Travis Commons
Director, Compass Sharing and Learning

The Valor Commitments

  • I commit to keeping myself and others safe.
  • I commit to leaving no community member behind.
  • I commit to seeking diversity of perspective.
  • I commit to speaking to the person, not about the person.
  • I commit to speaking from my heart but using my head.
  • I commit to working the Compass.
  • I commit to walking my talk.
  • I commit to showing up with Valor.