Valor believes that the social, emotional, and academic growth of its community members is amplified by its intentionally diverse community.


Video credit: National Charter School Resource Center.

Inclusive & Diverse School Community

Valor’s deliberate geographic location allows it to serve a scholar and family population that is diverse across many dimensions, with no majority race or ethnicity and about half of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Valor seeks out and values diversity in its many dimensions and strives to create a community where every member feels connected to and values their own and others’ unique histories, identities, and stories. You can learn more about Valor’s inclusive and diverse community in the resources below.

“A New Nashville School Is Integrating its Students...”

This article from The 74 discusses Valor’s approach to building and maintaining its inclusive and diverse community.

NCSRC Case Study

In four video segments, this case study explores:

  • The key decisions and metrics that Valor CMO and school staff use to design and maintain charter schools that enable all students to thrive and learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds;
  • The school’s selection of facilities and transportation services and its design of the instructional model, family outreach, and student enrollment strategies;
  • The programming and structures that Valor charter schools use to serve students, engage parents, and support staff to ensure that diversity is a meaningful, daily experience;
  • School leaders’ advice, based on their experiences, to other charter schools that are working to create a school culture that supports and values diversity.

Intentionally Diverse Charter Schools: A Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help charter school leaders and their stakeholders design and implement intentionally diverse charter schools.