Valor’s Compass model is grounded in the foundational elements of what it means to be human.



“Working the Compass” means growing in body, heart, mind, and spirit in pursuit of excellence in every dimension.

The resources below include information about the Compass, its theoretical foundations, curricula, and the practice of Circle.

Compass Overview Slide Deck

This slide deck provides a history and overview of the Valor Compass model.

Valor Foundational Framework

The Valor Foundational Framework outlines our mission and strategic vision through our: 1) Foundational Beliefs & Values, 2) Valor Compass, and 3) Valor Commitments.

Working the Compass: Theoretical Foundations

This document serves to provide an overview of the underlying theoretical underpinnings, or foundations, of our Compass model.

Compass Developmental Pathways

This "scope and sequence" lays out the developmental trajectory of the Valor Compass Disciplines and Habits and is used to align our Compass curriculum.

Compass Phase System Curriculum

The Compass Phase System is the competency-based, self-directed SEL curriculum used in our Compass model used by both scholars and adults in the Valor community. Each phase includes Compass Discipline-based signature experiences, which are experiential and reflection-based and a tracking sheet.

Circle Handbook

This resource is a comprehensive handbook of our Circle model, with embedded videos of Circle in action.

True North Overview

This resource details our approach to integrating contemplative practices (called True North) at Valor.